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A new world, a new start. Wake up to get involved into a new adventure by JundM100!

The fourth season of let's play has started! With a brand new modpack and a new goal, this season is going to be the best ever made by JundM100!

New episodes are released daily.


Cities: Skylines, also called better Simcity, is a citybuilding game with focus on traffic control. It has dissolved let's play SimCity.

New episodes of the second season let's play Cities: Skylines are released daily.




After years of developing, Robocraft has reached new dimensions: developed from a simple shooter without much ability to make your own game, new mechanics were added and more gamemodes created to let the users create their own style of playing.

New episodes of the second season let's battle Robocraft are released weekly.


JundM100 is a small youtuber with nearly 235 subscriber and above 200 views every month.


Since the multiplayermode of Minecraft was released, many developers are trying to invent new gamemodes for up to 64 player at once. They are keeping the community together.

The short season shows some of the most popular gamemodes that have ever been invented.

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